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Boost your modem internet speed and speed up your internet connection with this internet speed boost accelerator software. 

webROCKET and winROCKET, together in the popular "SpeedPak", are what you need to quickly and easily get the job done. This popular software package for Windows® 95 and 98, is your easiest way to upgrade to a more powerful computer. 

What does winROCKET do? 
Your computer is only as fast as its slowest internal operations. These "bottlenecks", typically involving your computer's disk, memory, and cache, constantly choke the flow of data inside your computer. It's like trying to merge 5 lanes of traffic into a single lane. 

winROCKET in the SpeedPak focuses its optimization on these three problem areas, shattering your system's bottlenecks and releasing the true potential of your computer. 

Best of all, you'll no longer need an expensive and time-consuming hardware replacement or upgrade. Just use this web accelerator. 

Will winROCKET work on my system? 
If your computer runs Windows® 95 or 98, yes! Because winROCKET and webROCKET remove the bottlenecks (choke points) that prevent your computer from functioning optimally, all of your software applications will benefit. 

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