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Partner - EE586HT French - German - Italian - Portuguese - Spanish - English $399.95 Buy now
Universal Translator UT-103 French - German - Spanish - English $249.95 Buy now
Language Teacher - ES600T English - Spanish $199.95 Buy now
Language Teacher - ESPg97ir Portuguese - Spanish - English $99.96 Buy now
Universal Translator - ML101 Czech - French - German - Italian - Polish - Portuguese - Russian - Spanish - Turkish - English $99.95 Buy now

Partner - EE586HT

Price: $399.95

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English-English Integrated Digital Language System Partner EE586HT

The new generation of linguistic microcomputers is already in your hands. This top-of-the-line system is equipped with a touch-sensitive display. You can perform all functions, including sending messages by fax or e-mail, with just the touch of a stylus.

The integrated Digital Language System contains a dictionary of the English language and five bi-directional dictionaries: English<->French, English<->Italian, English<->Spanish, English<->German, English<->Portuguese. This unique dictionary translates from/into any of these six languages. All databases include more than 1,000,000 words, American idiomatic expressions, medical, technical and computer terms and slang. Over 1,100 conversational phrases will help you feel comfortable in almost any situation and in any country.

A 2MB organizer supports fifteen European languages and includes telephone directories, a memo, a calendar, a schedule, an anniversary list, an account manager and a password security function. It also can exchange data with a PC, and has a built-in fax and e-mail. The shorthand function allows you to make notes quickly with the stylus. The digital voice recorder can record up to 12 minutes of speech. In the reference section, you will find a travel guide, telephone codes, size equivalents and a game center.

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Universal Translator UT-103

Price: $249.95

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Voice Translator with Speech Recognition System UT-103

The Ectaco Universal Translatorô UT-103 is a voice translator with a unique speech recognition system that allows phrase translation from English into French, German and Spanish. The UT-103 contains 14 different subjects for interaction which include about 3000 phrases and expressions facilitating communication in hotels, post offices, banks, stores, restaurants, hospitals, beauty salons and many other places.

The speech recognition system was created using the voices of 700 different native-level American English speakers in the U.S. For this reason, you can be assured that your pronunciation will be recognized by the device.

The UT-103 has a comfortable user interface and is simple to operate. A special multi-function Action Button allows easy transfer to the section of the phrase bank that you need. A phrase, once it is recognized, is displayed on the LCD display. The UT-103 also comes with a headset which makes working with the device more comfortable. The Universal Translatorô can also function as a digital voice recorder. You may also keep track of time with the built-in alarm clock. The Auto Off function will automatically shut off the translator if it has not been used for a few minutes.
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Language Teacher - ES600T

Price: $199.95

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English <-> Spanish Talking Dictionary with 128K Bilingual Business Organizer

This is a talking dictionary with advanced linguistic capabilities. Its graphic user interface, backlit display and key panel make it very easy and convenient to use. This model includes all you need to feel comfortable and assured abroad or when communicating with your overseas business partners.

The academic size dictionary of 475,000 words includes 36,000 medical, 33,000 technical, 28,000 legal and 29,000 business terms, phrases, idioms and slang. New words recording function for dictionary expansion. Over 1,200 commonly used and emergency phrases on 12 topics. Over 200 American idioms.

Additional features include the latest technology for pronunciation of any word, adjustable speech frequency, speed and volume. The section on English language learning includes an electronic English grammar book, a comprehensive TOEFL guide with sample tests and a linguistic game. It also has a 128 KB bilingual business organizer with a telephone directory, a schedule and a password security function.
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Language Teacher - ESPg97ir

Price: $99.96

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English <-> Portuguese <-> Spanish Kids' Dictionary with Infrared Message Sender System and Organizer

The best gift to your child! Learning a foreign language becomes a fascinating game! An organizer with a schedule section will teach your child to be accurate and orderly. Infrared port allows talking hush-hush. Built-in games help a child to learn while playing.
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Universal Translator - ML101

Price: $99.95

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Universal Translator ML101

Universal Translatorô includes all the linguistic power you need to travel around the world confidently. This unique dictionary translates from/into any of the given ten languages: Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish. It also contains over 400 commonly used and emergency phrases, metric and currency conversions, local and world time.

The Organizer allows you to note e-mail addresses as well as telephone numbers. There are more than one hundred of the most popular Internet resources divided into categories in a special section. Bonus software package includes dictionaries for the above ten languages (translation is possible from/into any of them) with a total vocabulary of up to 4,000,000 words.
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