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Suite of services offers PC-to-Phone, PC-to-PC, PC-to-Fax, Phone-to-Phone and voice mail. Free phone cards. Call !!!

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PC to Phone Service: use a PC to call any telephone in the world! Rates start as low as 3.9 cents/min to the US & UK. Great for travelers with a notebook, international customers, ethnic groups, and anyone looking to save on long distance! 
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US $0.039
Puerto Rico $0.069
Israel $0.129
France $0.059
Sao Paulo $0.089
Canada $0.059
UK $0.039
Hong Kong $0.049
Shanghai $0.12
Moscow $0.15
Germany $0.059
Buenos Aires $0.15
Rio $0.129
Spain $0.119
Tokyo $0.079
Sweden $0.05

The Best Online Global Calling Card: Toll-Free / No-Fee!! Rates start as low as 6.5 cents/min to the US. IsCard features toll free access from over 50 countries, online account management, PIN-FREE dialing, speed dialing, and much more! Great for travelers, college students, sales personnel and more! 
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International Calling Card and Callback Services for Cheap Phone Calls
Callback and Calling Card for cheap international calls - international phone service for cheap calls from all countries on earth.


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PC-to-Phone, PC-to-PC, PC-to-Fax, Phone-to-Phone and voice mail. Free phone cards. Call !!! Are free Internet phone calls really an option?
By Arlene Martell

Are free internet phone calls really an option? Yes they are! In the past three years internet phones have come a long way! They are easy to set up, easy to use and best of all, your computer is now ready to save you a lot of money on long distance phone calls.
All you need to make a free internet phone call is a computer with a sound card (full duplex), a microphone, speakers, a 56K modem and an internet connection. It is a good idea to invest in a sturdy headset as headsets will help eliminate external noise making your call a lot clearer.
If you plan to make free internet phone calls on a regular basis, you will want to get on a cable modem connection or high speed DSL. Again this will greatly improve voice quality. Using internet is ideal for calling friends and family and as technology improves, it will become commonly used for business calls as well.
The software used to make your call can be found directly in the companies web sites or you may need to download a small program. Registration is quite simple and when you are ready to make a call, a dialpad will pop up on your screen. Now punch in the number your wish to call and click to dial the number. After a second or two - you are connected and can talk for an unlimited time with most services.

Internet phone services

Internet phone services are a great way to talk to friends and family without the expense of long distance phone calls. In recent years there have been great advances in acceptance of such services.
Internet phone services are easy to setup, easy to call and eliminate long distance charges. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your internet phone call.
1. Invest in a headset. This will replace your microphone and provide better sound quality and reduce external noise.
2. Use a 56K modem. Anything slower and you'll experience poor voice quality, static and echo's.
3. If you plan to make internet phone calls regularity, get a high speed DSL or cable connection.
4. Call during "off-peak" internet hours.
5. Take time to adjust volume settings to ensure both parties can hear each other clearly.
6. Be prepared for a 1/2 second voice delay. This is usually not noticeable unless you both try to talk at the same time.
7. Use a full duplex sound card - most old cards are half-duplex and allows only one person to talk at a time much like a 2-way radio. Check your soundcard makers web site for an update.
All in all - internet phone services are continually improving and are a great way to connect with friends for free. Within the next 3 to 5 years many consumers will use internet calls as their primary calling method.

Place a free international phone call through the Internet

With today's computer technology, it is now possible to make an international phone call through the Internet. There are many different names for the service including Internet telephony and Internet phone and there are many different companies and Internet sites available to get you started.
Internet phone is attracting a lot of attention these days because your international phone call is free and you can talk as long as you want. The potential to significantly reduce to cost of long distance charges is very appealing when the service is easy to use. This service is real time voice communication allowing you to call from your computer to another computer or to another phone line directly. The voice quality is slightly less clear than normal and there is a very short 1/2 second delay in speech. This is a small price to pay when your call becomes free. Even though the call is not perfect, most first time callers will find the quality of service exceeds their expectations.
Placing free international phone calls over the Internet is a great way to save money calling friends and family and as technology improves, it will become a daily standard in business centers worldwide.



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Internet phone calls spreading rapidly

Web Phone Calling: Are We There Yet?

Instant online phonecards.

PC-to-Phone and virtual Calling Card. Lowered rates.

Long distance phone service

Phone Calling Card Services


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